Proposed Break dancing in the Olympics - WHAT THE F..K

Will it Happen? Summer Olympics 2024 Paris? Music and Lyrics?


American Late night news hosts have picked up on it, international press coverage has shared mixed reviews, but either way it has potential.

"As James Corden" the late night host from his self titled show The Late Late Show with James Corden, in his usual style made fun of the criteria for the Judging, adding his thoughts "Its the first Olympic sport where you can become a Gold Medalist but still dissappoint your parents with your career choice".

There is a reason big Sponsors like "RED BULL" and other progressives are all over it. Merchandising and Name Branding, simply put, its all about the big bucks. Dancing especially ballroom dancing which its "Amateur" World Wide representitive body the "World Dance Sport Fedreation - WDSF" have been struggling for many years to have its brand of competitive dance included in the Olympics, but to no avail.

And after many years, they, now see a clear opportunity for financial reasons to be excitied about another form of dance. Urban Street Break dance with its history rooted in a cultural phenomenen of the 70's MUSIC, 'Gangsta' athleticism and peaceful fighting.

The almighty dollar has again made its mark, the reality it takes money to run the Olympics, and quite frankly with all the problems of corruption of late within the IOC and participating government entities, it really is exciting to see that, basball caps, branded T-shrts, cool kicks and low rise baggie pants are making a comeback and paying/paving the way for a dance cultural revolution.

Looking at it from a dancers perspective, of which i personally have first hand knowledge of the historical decision making process of the IDSF now WDSF.  But thats another story, I really don't think the style of dance has enough diversity to really take it too new heights. Nonetheless, it is an amazing style of dance that is grossly underrated by the masses and many Late Night Show Hosts with no vision or understanding of the effort and skill required to do what they do.

However combing the style with other forms of dance has much more potential and artisitc/sport merit.

Perhaps this is the thinking behind the push by the presidium of the WDSF to invest their time and money into its inclusion on the world of sports stage, the Olympics.  But i don't think the reality has set in on how difficult it is to organize the neccessary events world wide to be all inclusive of the athletes that they project to attract into the sport. The community is massive ill give you that, but its the all inclusive part that i feel will be the problem, How to qualify, who is to judge and where will all that money will come from to pull it off? Who know's. It seems like the organizers will be suitably paid and the kids out there that actually get to hear about it in time to find out how, where and who can qualify to take part, to be able to get busy working on thier moves.


The focus here in the US within the dance community,  is on the kids, having recently attended an event in Orlando which is for HIP HOP, Breakdancers and BBoy teams from all over the country, i was impressed by the attendance of thousands of families and thier support crews. The business model of making money by the organizers and at the end of the day its all about the bucks for some, and for any sport to really grow and be succesful they need corporate sponsors to make the difference.  Of note, in an interview with the organizer of that particular event. He had know idea that Break dancing was to be potentially included into the olympics in 2024. Wow, but that is also the big problem in the dance industry, no one works together. (Another topic for discussion my Ghedeye friends)

Taking a page out of the book of the Extreme Sports founders, one can only assume the fast track into the Olympics came about from the potential sponsors and merchandising. A solid marketing plan and slick sales pitch. Bravo WDSF!!!

Go figure, Karate is not and Olympic sport, yet fencing, ju jitsu, syncronised swimming and others made it on the list, some historical, others seemingly because of the "Its who you know or how much you pay" deal.

My gut feeeling has always been , SUBJECTIVE sports should not be in the Olympics, and its obvious the IOC is just looking for another way to boost the coffers.  I applaud their decision to add breakdancing, if it ever happens, however, like the extreme games, an Artistic-Sports Program would be a smarter way to go, I've been saying it for years, someones gotta doit. The artistry, athletisicm and agility of dancers, is if not equal then more so, than most other sports out there. Mind, body and soul. Spiritual, emotional and fundamentally, primal. Probably the oldest and largest industry on the Planet.. Dance!

One last thing that does concern me about its inclusion, potentially, is the music, and more importantly lyrics, many of the BBoy songs are extremely political and often at times using language not suitable for minors. Go figure that one out WDSF/IOC its gotta be a big one, especilly the music rights.Breakdancers in Pink

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